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Inspiration for stone panels in the bathroom - 2018-04-20 17:37:41

Natural stone panel is becoming a much loved feature of home design. It's simple, it's tough, and it's a great design feature. It's also a good alternative to other forms of cladding which may clash with the look of a modern home. This is one of the most dependable, easiest to work with forms of cladding, as well as a great aesthetic option. Natural stone panel is rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of cladding with designers, home owners and builders.

Stone panel- What it is and how it's made

Natural stone panel is also called “dressing”. The range of types of panel varies from brick-like cladding called strip panel to random pattern designs, a bit like a mosaic in abstract. The panel is composed of cut stone, fixed to a surface. The construction of random patterns, which include various different shapes of stone pieces, is actually very closely related to a form of traditional stone masonry, fitting cut stone together creates a good strong surface.

Stone goes with anything

This is called “decorative” stonework, but in practice it's real stone, and the benefits include a range of very practical uses.